Hello there,

Yeah, I’m talking to you. Welcome once again to the soon to become “the best personal improvement blog” – The Better than Good Blog.

I’m Jeremiah by the way. But I’ll be more receptive if you call me Jerry.

You see that picture up there?

Yeah, that young and handsome looking guy is me. I like taking pictures by the way. I love writing (that’s obvious already), counselling,public speaking and acting. And I’m insanely “crazy” about ensuring people develop themselves. 

Okay, enough with the self adoration. The blog is meant to be about you right? Yeah, I know. Nice meeting you too.

And make no mistake, this blog is all going to be about ensuring you are”better than good” in every aspect of your life.

Why The Better than Good Blog?

Of course, there are millions of motivational articles, personal development blogs, self help books and inspirational quotes out there both online and manually.

So why should I bother about another newbie motivational blog?

Isn’t it just going to be the same with others?

That’s what you may be thinking. But know this. Yeah, The Better than Good Blog may be no different to other blogs in term of topics. But this blog ain’t the same with the blogs.

This blog is another level kind of blog.

And this is no empty bragging. And as to previous question of why choose this blog? It’s pretty simple:

Unlike the self books or personal development blogs, this blog actually offers realistic advices and strategic ways to solve problems. Many “self help” books offer fairy tale solutions for breaking bad habits. And the end result – their readers continue being helpless to breaking  those bad habits.

But I assure you, this blog is different. The days of you being given fairy tale solutions and unrealistic expectations is over.

What is the concern of this blog?

This blog is a self help blog majorly concerned with personal improvement. Let’s face it,every success is tied to personal improvement.

However, there are also three sub niches that will be focused on at various intervals in this blog. And they are self improvement, inspiration and leadership development.

Now, who are the main audience target of this blog?

There can’t be a successful business or blog without a target audience in mind. So the blog focuses majorly on teenagers, professionals, religious & spiritual leaders, teachers and parents who wish to have the “better than good” life and are determined to have it. It also focuses its attention on people seeking to be the best version of themselves.

You’re looking forward to having high self esteem, improving yourself, seeking motivation or developing leadership traits? 

The Better than Good Blog is just the place for you.

What’s the aim of this blog?

Aimlessness is a sure way to fail. Thus, it is important this blog has an aim. One of my aims for this blog is to ensure that in the first six months of this blog, it should change lives and yield positive feedback. It should actually make people the best version of themselves. I sure as hell want to be seeing wonderful testimonials in my menu.

This is the aim of this blog. At least for now.

Gosh, what a nice first date! Basically, I was the only party talking throughout this date. Lolz.

Try to use the comment box to interact and contribute on the posts on this blog. To get in touch with me, you can visit the Contact icon on the menu.

Watch out for most posts on this blog.