The golden rule!

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”. 

I’m sure you must have heard this quote a million times. I mean, we were all practically talked to death by our teachers, loved ones and parents about this quote when we were little. But as little kids then, we didn’t realize the wisdom and truth enriched in the golden rule concept.

It is no secret that the way you treat others is the way other people will treat you. Ever heard of karma? Yeah, it exists. However, we humans are funny creatures. We are very selfish. We tend to think ourselves more than we do others. I mean, every time we emphasize and whine about how the other person doesn’t treat us well. We whine about how other people disrespect us. But often, we don’t think of the question:


This is a serious question most of us don’t often ask ourselves. We would rather take others’ offences than examine ourselves.

Treating people right is highly important and necessary. Whether it is in our personal, professional, religious, school or business life, treating people right is immensely important. 

Now, how do you treat people right?

You treat others right by respecting them. And in respecting them, we in turn command respect from them. You never can tell, that your colleague at your workplace may start giving you respect when you reciprocate. Respect is the key to treating others right.

Now, you may be thinking in your mind:

What am I doing reading this post? I treat people right.”

I know right? But do you know that most times we are often blind to our own faults and mistakes? So, before you quit reading, why don’t you take the self-analysis questions below to know if you are really treating people right or not.

There are many ways to discover if you are indeed treating people right. But you can take the thirteen self-analysis questions as a start. And note, these questions aren’t just for self-analysis alone. They are also meant to put you on the right track in case, you aren’t giving people respect. 

Okay, enough with the suspense, what are these thirteen questions? 

How do you know you’re treating others right?

1. Do you put yourself into other people’s shoes? Do you see from other people’s point of view {POV}? Or, are you blind to see others’ views? Are you emphatic?

2. How often do you acknowledge other people’s intrinsic value? Or do you belittle and demean other people’s self-worth? Through your words and actions? 

3. Self-respect, do you have it? Do you know your rights as an individual and allow yourself to make choices? Respecting others starts with respecting yourself. 

4. How sensitive are you to other people’s feelings? How often do you consider how the other person interprets your words or actions?

5. Do you treat others with courtesy and politeness? Do you make requests and not demands? How often do you say “thank you” and “please” when making a request?

6. When someone is speaking, do you listen closely? Do you focus on the other person and not on yourself?

7. Do you value other people’s opinions? Do you consider other people’s opinions or just shut it out? Do you listen to other people’s ideas and advice with an open mind? How open minded are you?

8. How often do you speak with kind words? Words are powerful weapons. Are yours kind or lethal? 

9. How often do you apologize when you make mistakes? Do you acknowledge you mistakes when you make one? Or you just blankly ignore them? How often do you show your remorsefulness?

10.  Do you respect other people’s boundaries? Do you pressure others to go against their principles or do you respect it? 

11. How trustworthy are you? Are you reliable? Are you dependable? Do your actions show others that you’re worthy to be trusted? 

12. Do you avoid gossiping about others? Or do you gossip and vilify false information about other people?

And finally,…

13. Do you treat all class of people with respect? Are you impartial? Do you treat all fairly and equally? How respectful are you to other people?

Wow, these thirteen questions are truly self-analytical. I also asked myself these questions as I typed it. And I discovered I’m not really treating people right. So, you’re not alone. We all have areas we’ve got to improve on. And coincidentally, this may be yours.

If you answered yes to all the thirteen questions above, then, bravo to you because you’re really treating people right. And I’m sure you’re accorded respect wherever you go. But that doesn’t mean you should rest on your oars. There are still areas you can improve on.

But if however, you answered almost all in negative, then, friend, you’ve got to learn how to treat people right. Even though it isn’t going to be all rosy, it is something you can learn. By practicing respect, empathy and magnanimity, you’re on the right track to treating people right.

As you go out there today, make sure you treat people right!!